Send Offers To Your Customers

Product Description

Features :

  • Inbox Landing -Proper inbox landing of the mailers is very important. We help you in proper landing of the mailers. We have at the backend 16,000 IPS and over 100 servers to ensure proper delivery of emails into inbox.

  • Designing Content -We also help in designing the correct content for you.

  • Support -There are 36 ISP’s in India and we do the necessary testing to check whether the mailer is landing correctly or not and suggest you the necessary changes where required.

Reply mail-Id -We also link the mailer to the website and a reply ID is also integrated with the same.

Affiliate Email - We also offer one more kind of service in Emails called “Affiliate Email”.This ensures 100% inbox landing of the mailer’s since it goes on opted in database. We have over 650 affiliates Pan India which include various banks, online portals etc. And they send mail about your projects on their database, this ensures inbox landing of the mailers and better viewership as mail goes to persons who have opted in to receive the mails.

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