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DB Push

SMS marketing is one of the most modern and fastest way to communicate with your clients in a one to one basis. With the help of our DB service, you can send sms to a large number of target audience with the help of a single click. With our sms portal, your sms will appear with a unique sender ID like LM-ONEX. This will establish your brand identity as well. Moreover, these messages are delivered through premium gateway for instant delivery. These messages go on NON DND numbers with character size of 160 Character.

In Database Push only any one of the following categories can be chosen :

  • Location wise/ Multiple Pincode wise

  • Age-wise

  • Category wise

  • Income wise


Why to Choose DB -Push ?

  • Prospective Customers : DB- Push is the best medium to engage your customers through mobile marketing.Mass Audience is mobile friendly and its easy to engage and connect them via SMS.

  • Lead Generation :SMS Blast can make you reach your desired customer. It helps in lead generation.

  • Branding & Marketing: DB Push helps in brand awareness. People recognise your brand and identify the products.This helps in adequate marketing.