Case Study: Acropolis Mall

Midnight Madness at Acropolis



SMS can be the quickest way to grab a person’s attention. And that’s what we offered when Acropolis approached us to market their upcoming midnight sale. Having worked with them in the past as well, we were under pressure to provide better results this time with a much more stronger Marketing Campaign. And so did we. With our open rates being higher by almost 70%, we did set a new benchmark for ourselves.

Acropolis Mall

Shopping: Mall and Multiplex
Location: Kolkata, India

Company Bio

Situated in Eastern Bypass and spanning over three lakh square-foot, Acropolis is among the largest malls in the city. It offers a wide range of brands in its huge basket, thus enabling the shoppers to practically access almost everything they need, from lifestyle to grocery to entertainment.

How has your project
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Total Outreach

Total Footfall

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The challenge in front of us was to capture a higher footfall from the local audience for the midnight sale that was going to take place on June 2, 2018. We needed to develop a smart campaign where while offering an exciting opportunity to the people, reminders had to be sent at the last moments before the event to create a sense of urgency.


We planned a 2 day SMS campaign before the event. Since our target was to get the local audience to the event, we planned to target an audience of 5 lakh residing within the radius of 5-7 km. Also, to get better response we decided to concentrate on these 5 lakh people to whom SMS would be sent both the days with a blast of reminder SMS being sent on the final day just before the event.


  • • First to spread out the word, an informative SMS about the event was sent to the 5,00,000 audience on the 31st of May and 1st of June.

  • •  Here we purposely inserted a Facebook Link. Not only this helped the target audience to get all the details about the event but boosted their Social Media Promotions.

  • •  To make sure follow-up SMS was sent only to the interested audience, people who have clicked on the link in the last 2 days were sorted.

  • •  A series of 6 SMS was sent to them in the interval of 1 hour just before the sale. This was done to create excitement among the audience and constantly remind them.


The campaign was a huge success with us setting a new benchmark this time. We received 11,800 unique clicks compared to 7000 clicks in their previous year. With a 70% increase in open-rates, these numbers were way higher than the Industry Standards.

Outreach 5,00,000

Footfall 35,000

Unique FB Link visitors 11,500