Case Study: Rolex Optical

An Innovative Idea to run promotional offers



Rolex optical is one of the few leading optical brands in Kolkata and they decided to go for a discount offer sale at their store. Needless to say, in order to make this campaign of theirs a success, they needed a large number of people to be aware of it.

They heavily invested to promote and advertise the event. During the initial phase of the promotion they mostly relied on traditional media. Even though the promotional activity started much before the event was scheduled to take place, Rolex Optical were not able to see or predict any progress of the promotion of the event .At the very last moment, not knowing much about mobile marketing, Rolex Optical reluctantly approached Onex Solutions to advertise about the event.

Rolex Optical

Innovative idea to run promotional offers
Location: Kolkata, India

Company Bio

Rolex Optical Pvt Ltd is a Private company incorporated on 10th March 2006. It is classified as a Non-Govt company and is registered at Registrar of Companies, Kolkata. It is involved in manufacture of optical instruments and photographic equipment. Directors of Rolex Optical Pvt Ltd are Nilesh Manubhai Shah, Manish Natvarlal Shah, Pankaj Natwarlal Shah and Viren M Shah.

How Onex helped client in their promotion?

  • • Once they reached us through references of various other optical showrooms in the city, we consulted with them about their expectations and pitched them an innovative idea which they found completely out of the box and were more than eager to give us a go ahead for implementation of the same.

  • •  The idea was to make this offer exciting and interesting for the end consumers. It was constructed in such a manner that it would attract the consumers and thus increase footfall at the client store.

  • •  We offered customers discounts on the basis of the sum of their mobile numbers and notified the people residing in areas near the Rolex optical Shop through personalised SMS.

  • The content of the SMS was: Sum up your Mobile Number and get equal % discount on Frames & Sunglasses, Only TODAY at Rolex Optical. Congratulations! Your total is __% Call: 70590xxxxx

How our solution helped the client?

  • • The end result was outstanding. The store had a much larger footfall than what they anticipated. The customers showed the SMS they received and made purchases accordingly and thus increased the sales of the store.

  • • Rolex Opticals conducted a similar discount/offer event last year as well but only relied on traditional media like print media for promotions & advertisement but were able to attract, only one-fourth the crowd they managed through mobile marketing, this year.

  • • The client was immensely happy and highly satisfied with our services. We received testimonial and lots of recommendation in the form of appreciation.

  • • The best part of this campaign was that the results achieved through mobile marketing turned out to be more beneficial than traditional media even though the budget spent on mobile advertisement mode was much less expensive.