Onex solutions Pvt Ltd

Know the History

Bringing simplicity and satisfaction to the customer experience with the best online SMS service

Onex Solutions was founded in 2011 to elevate the customer experience. We're obsessed with business-consumer engagement - and we create solutions that enable brands to offer personalized customer experiences at scale. Our products are based on the simple idea
that communicating with a business should be as easy and uncomplicated as chatting with family
and friends using the mobile devices and apps you already use every day.

1ST CLIENT - 2013

sanjay saraf educational institute

After working hard for 3 straight months, Onex Solution acquired its first client, It was Sanjay Saraf Educational institute.

500 CLIENTS - 2014

After getting the 1st client on board, the business started snowballing and as a result Onex Solution added 500 clients in the 2nd year itself.

2500 CLIENTS - 2015

By the 3rd year, the turnover quadrupled from last year and the client base increased 5 times.

3000 CLIENTS - 2016

We added another 500 clients over the next year and in the process doubled our turnover from last year.

4000 CLIENTS - 2017

The next year we reached another milestone as we secured our 4000th Client.

4000 + CLIENTS

As we complete our 6th year in the industry, we take pride in the fact that we managed to revolutionize the digital marketing and advertisement industry with our innovative products and services.

About our Founder


Launched Onex Solutions in 2013.

After having worked with Ernst and Young for over a year, he decided to take a leap of faith and quit his job to have a go at his business venture, which presently has turned out to be a frontrunner in the digital marketing sector in Eastern India.

Thanks to Dipak’s hard work and dedication, in the first year itself, Onex Solution has recorded a turnover of 32 lakh rupees with around 500 clients and then a year later in 2015-16, the company touched a turnover of around 1.4 crore with 2,500 clients. The very next year, in 2016, client base reached to 3000 and the turnover was almost doubled to 2.7 crore rupees.

We are growing Bigger!

Having already worked with over 4000 clients and helping them reach their target, Onex Solutions Pvt Ltd. is now widening its horizon and hence is expanding across India in order to achieve its aim to become India’s No.1 Mobile Marketing Company.

Onex Solution is stationed in Kolkata for the last 7 years and presently, is the No.1 Text Marketing Company in the city and now through the distributorship model, we are expanding our wings in order to serve our clients more effectively and efficiently. With the help of this distributorship model, we shall be expanding our reach to other geographical territory and gain more PAN India clients.

Havingworked in thisindustry with the biggest and the known brands for the last seven years, Onex Solutions have built a name for itself and is already a pioneer in the digital marketing industry, as a result the distributors would be reaping benefits for having an opportunity to work with an already established and successful brand, thus getting a foothold into the market becomes fairly straightforward.

Since our work and customer-oriented solutions makes us stand out, therefore, our products are more approachable and saleable in the market.